• Wonder Woman

    To headline our Women Of Power series at the 2018 festival, we are honored to welcome Capital City Wonder Woman who will be making an appearance to meet and greet our guests as a beacon of inspiration for our city.

  • Zombie Walk

    Hungry for brains? The 9th Annual Downtown Lansing Zombie Walk invades the Capital City on Day-1 of the festival in support of the Greater Lansing Food Bank. Please check the Z-Walk Facebook page for more details.

  • Trick-or-Treating

    Kids 12 and under are invited to trick-or-treat at two dozen stations safely inside the Lansing Center. We’ll provide a map to the candy at the door, so come in costume and bring a bag to join in the fun.

  • 501st Legion

    Experience the Star Wars universe as many of your favorite characters roam the hall. Also visit their featured exhibit to see amazing fan-built costumes and props on display. Charity donations are appreciated.

  • Monsters Inc Scare Floor

    Giant costume maker Squirrels Creations will be showing off their hand-built Mike, Sully, Boo and more characters from Monsters Inc for an amazing photo-op from the Scare Floor. And be sure to catch the Minion Avengers on the loose during the event.

  • K.I.T.T.

    Fans of the 80s tv show Knight Rider can get a photo with a custom built replica of K.I.T.T. by Lansing resident Aaron Aikman which will be the centerpiece of the show along with a huge inflatable haunted house.

  • Princess Moana

    Meet Princess Moana as she makes an appearance as one of our Women Of Power guests along with many more of her friends from The League of Enchantment on their mission to make a difference in the world.

  • Ghostbusters

    Hang out with members of the Great Lakes Ghostbuster Coalition for slime-making demos, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and enough proton packs to take care of any spook, spectre or ghost.

  • Frost Dragon

    A giant 20 foot long mechanical dragon puppet named “Frosty” (from the Skyrim video game) will be one of the mind blowing, hand made Halloween props and costumes on display by the Grand Rapids based family from House of 1,000 Glue Sticks.

  • Mystery Machine & Scooby

    Zoinks! Your gang can get photos with a replica of the famous cartoon van lovingly built by our crew. The Michigan Mystery Machine will be located at the entrance of the exhibit hall along with a life-size plush Scooby Doo.

  • Mad Scientist Laboratory

    Science, technology, engineering, math and the art of design (known as STEAM) is showcased with a ghoulish twist with interactive exhibits hosted by the Lansing Makers Network, ITEC Lansing, Grand Rapids Public Museum and more.

  • Iron Man Armor

    Tony Stark created the Mark 46 when he suited up in Captain America: Civil War, and a meticulously hand crafted version will be on display in its full glory along with an arsenal of superhero props thanks to The League of Enchantment.

  • DJ Werewolf

    JAMMIN’ DJs spins your favorite spooky hits from the main stage and MCs all the non-stop entertainment including performances by guest musicians, dance troupes, theatre groups and special presenters.

  • Costume Contests

    Here’s your chance to walk our stage in your awesome homemade creation for a prize package valued at over $100 awarded to Best Adult, Runner-up Adult and Best Kid Costume. Register at the Capital City Comic Con booth.

  • Comic Book Central

    Your friendly neighborhood Capital Area District Libraries will get your spider senses tingling when you discover their amazing collection of graphic novels and comics along with a Kindle Fire giveaway on each day of the festival.

  • Batwoman

    Bombshell Batwoman joins our Women Of Power series of special guests as she leads the crime fighters from Gotham City and battles arch enemies including Harley Quinn, Cat Woman and Poison Ivy from The League of Enchantment.

  • Ghastly Graveyard

    Local haunt enthusiasts such as The Monster Monastery come together to create a frightfully fun cemetery walk-through featuring a full sized mausoleum by prop builder Jim Snellenberger and dual coffin car Reaper's Ride.

  • Ecto-1

    With lights flashing, siren blaring and an unlicensed nuclear reactor on top, this new ghost busting vehicle from the latest reboot film was specially built for our event. Who you gonna call?

  • Hero Shield

    A replica of Captain America’s mighty shield will be on display thanks to Aspiring Games Foundation. You’ll learn more about manufacturing as you see how it was machined locally, and you can even make your own hero shield to take home.

  • Supergirl

    Our Women Of Power series of guests continues with an appearance by Supergirl from The League of Enchantment who will be stopping by to take pictures with you and save the day.

  • Magic

    Master Illusionist Ty Lee, also known as The Urban Legend, will perform a variety of tricks and sleight-of-hand that will astound and amaze fans of all ages with close-up shows and a special appearance on our main stage.

  • Beetlejuice

    Say his name three times, and then watch out as the mischievous Michigan Beetlejuice wreaks havoc all throughout the festival with his crazy antics. It’s SHOWTIME!

  • Jurassic Terror

    In a scene right out of a blockbuster movie, see the 20 foot tall T-Rex bearing down on an unsuspecting tour vehicle in this original display custom built by our staff. There's also an animatronic baby triceratops for kiddie photos.

  • Batman

    As the bat signal shines above, anti-bullying champion Lansing Batman is called into action with Red Hood and Night Wing in an epic battle to save our city against supervillians Bane, Two Face, Joker and more from The League of Enchantment.

  • Landspeeder

    Hop in a life size home-built version of Luke Skywalker's X-34 Landspeeder and get a picture with other really cool Star Wars props (including a pesky Jawa and lovable Gonk Droid) presented by the crew from Really Cool Comic Con.

  • Cosplay

    Some of the areas most talented cosplayers show off their creations and share their expertise including a swing dancing Incredibles duo from ReyGray Cosplay along with Nerd Failure Cosplay and the networking agents from Fan•Tom X.

  • Skyrim Armor

    Get some pro building tips from Pretty Crafty Critters- the maker of cosplay, props, Halloween decor and other cool stuff. They’ll be exhibiting many of their creations including Skyrim armor, spooky costumes and much more.

  • Batpod

    Our very own custom built replica prop of the motorcycle from the Dark Knight movie series will be on display, and a lucky few might even get to climb aboard for a photo.

  • Starship Simulator

    Become a part of an interstellar crew and work together to defend the sector from evil aliens. The Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator is one of the many fun and innovative activities hosted by the Lansing Makers Network.

  • Media Madness

    Watch the live remotes, podcast recordings, photo shoots and video productions by the Paranormal Now NetworkChamberlin Photography, MI Geek Scene and many more social media broadcasters.

  • Face Painting*

    Talented face painters and artists including the Arendelle Royalty Princess Parties will be on-hand to transform your look and get you in the Halloween spirit while demonstrating techniques in special effects makeup.

  • Vendors*

    A unique line-up of Halloween-themed makers, crafters and inventors will be showing off their wares along with many local artists (such as Scream Prints) with galleries of creative works on display.

Attractions may change without notice. *Additional fees may apply.