• B9 Robot*

    “Danger! Danger!” See a life-sized replica of the robot from the 1960s tv show Lost In Space created by Andre Svacha, a Michigan member of the B9 Robot Builders Club.

  • Trick-or-Treating

    Kids 12 and under are invited to trick-or-treat at two dozen stations scattered throughout the festival grounds. So arrive in costume and bring a bag to join in the fun.

  • Robot Demonstrations

    The student brainiacs making up the Waverly High Robotics Club will demonstrate what it takes to succeed in the FIRST Robotics Competition and teach attendees how to drive their giant mechanical monster.

  • Star Wars*

    Experience a galaxy far, far away as many of your favorite characters from the Great Lakes Garrison roam the grounds. Also visit their featured exhibit inside for an amazing display of fan-built costumes and props.

  • Ghostbusters

    Meet the crew from the Lansing Ghostbusters along with members of the Great Lakes Ghostbuster Coalition in a spooktacular exhibit featuring Ecto-1 vehicles and enough proton packs to take care of any fantasm, spectre or ghost.

  • Superheroes

    The defenders of justice from The League of Enchantment will swoop in to save the day on their continuing mission to bring hope and smiles to kids, and the kids at heart!

  • Monsters Inc

    Meet the entire gang created by giant costume maker Squirrels Creations including Mike, Sulley, Boo, Randall, Fungus and the Abominable Snow Man for fun photos with your little monsters.

  • Mystery Machine & Scoob

    Zoinks! Your gang can get photos with the Michigan Mystery Machine along with a life-size Scooby Doo, and then hop in to back for an imaginary adventure to search for clues.

  • Costume Contests

    Here’s your chance to walk our stage in your awesome homemade creation for a chance to win part of a total prize package worth hundreds of dollars.

  • Beetlejuice

    Say his name three times, and then watch out for the mischievous Michigan Beetlejuice as he creates chaos and mayhem all throughout the festival with his crazy antics. It’s SHOWTIME!

  • Transformers*

    Attention people of Earth! Get photos inside with the heroic Autobots leader Optimus Prime which was constructed by giant costume maker Squirrels Creations.

  • Magic

    Master Illusionist Ty Lee, also known as The Urban Legend, will perform a variety of tricks and sleight-of-hand that will astound and amaze fans of all ages with close-up shows and a special performance.

  • Droids*

    Your favorite astromechs from the Star Wars universe will be making an appearance at the event thanks to the Great Lakes Base - Rebel Legion and the Michigan Droid Builders.

  • Robo DJ

    Music fills the air as JAMMIN' DJs spins a play list of all your favorite spooky hits while emcee-ing the other guest entertainers and costume contests throughout the day.

  • Operation

    It takes a steady hand to avoid the buzz on a giant version of the classic board game presented by the wacky DIY doctors from Lansing Makers Network.

  • Quarter Midget Race Cars

    Kids can sit in race cars provided by Capitol Quarter Midgets Association as they promote their high octane family oriented competitive sport designed specifically for children ages 5-16.

  • Audrey II

    The musical antagonist from Little Shop of Horrors can be seen in full bloom thanks to master puppet builder Rebecca Casavant who created a 6 foot tall version of the diabolical, blood thirsty plant.

  • Star Trek*

    Beam aboard the USS Tecumseh and meet the crew from the Lansing based Starfleet International Chapter featuring an array of props and weapons on display. “Live long and prosper.“

  • Flo from Cars

    Get photos with a real life version of “Flo” from the Pixar movie Cars created by local classic car enthusiast Aaron Aikman from his 1961 Chrysler Imperial. 

  • Balloon Twister

    Local magician & balloon twister Chris Cornwell brings a fun and unique experience for the festival attendees with free balloons to everyone that wants one.

  • Jawas Junkyard*

    A band of short desert scavengers along with a slew of droids will be featured in a display by Star Was fan and local prop builder Hank Miller.

  • Ghosts

    Watch out for the 25 foot tall Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Slimer and a pair of possessed terror dogs as they battle the crew from Ghostbusters Detroit.

  • Mega-Tetris

    The diabolical DIY-ers from Lansing Makers Network return with their wall-sized LED powered Mega-Tetris on their quest for total mind control.

  • Jack Skellington

    A 13 foot giant animated version of the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town will be singing and greeting guests at the entrance of the Science Center courtesy of Squirrels Creations.

  • Vendors

    A unique line-up of Halloween-themed makers, crafters and inventors will be showing off their creative works including many local artists (such as Scream Prints) along with comics, collectibles and all kinds of crazy merch.

  • Zombie Walk*

    Hungry for brains? The 13th Annual Downtown Lansing Zombie Walk invades the Capital City in support of the Greater Lansing Food Bank. Please check the Z-Walk website for more details.

Attractions may change without notice. *Additional fees apply.