• Spidey & Friends

    Meet and greet with your friendly neighborhood wall crawlers as members of The League of Enchantment swing in to the festival from across the spider-verse.

  • Trick-or-Treating

    Kids 12 and under are invited to trick-or-treat at two dozen stations safely inside the Lansing Center during the festival. So arrive in costume and bring a bag to join in the fun.

  • Climbing Wall*

    Test your superpowers as you scale to the top of our 20ft tall climbing wall! You can also speed climb with an opponent in a face-to-face race as the timer displays the winner. (Saturday only)

  • Zombie Walk

    Hungry for brains? The 12th Annual Downtown Lansing Zombie Walk invades the Capital City in support of the Greater Lansing Food Bank. Please check the Z-Walk website for more details.

  • Live Band In Concert

    Zoinks! The award winning power-pop band The Shake Ups are back on our main stage performing their original cartoon/ pop culture themed songs featuring bouncy melodies and infectious energy creating a refreshingly charming sound.

  • ThrowBowling

    What is ThrowBowling? It’s a monster mashup of bowling, cornhole and football brought to you by the Boredom Busters from High Caliber Karting and Entertainment!

  • Ghostbusters

    Hang out with the Lansing Ghostbusters and members of the Great Lakes Ghostbuster Coalition for slime-making demos, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Ecto-1 vehicles and enough proton packs to take care of any spook, spectre or ghost.

  • Star Wars

    Experience a galaxy far, far away as many of your favorite characters from the Great Lakes Garrison roam the hall. Also visit their featured exhibit to see amazing fan-built costumes and props on display.

  • Monsters Inc

    Meet the entire gang created by giant costume maker Squirrels Creations including Mike, Sulley, Boo, Randall, Fungus and the Abominable Snow Man for fun photos with your little monsters.

  • Mystery Machine & Scoob

    Zoinks! Your gang can get photos with the Michigan Mystery Machine along with a life-size Scooby Doo, and then hop in to watch your favorite retro cartoons on the big screen tv.

  • Costume Contests

    Here’s your chance to walk our stage in your awesome homemade creation for a chance to win part of a total prize package worth hundreds of dollars.

  • Dead Man’s Derby*

    Racers! Build and decorate your own pinewood car or choose a kit of the Batmobile, Ecto-1 or Mystery Machine. Then pick a lane and see who is the fastest to the finish line on a custom built downhill track by Home Dimensions LLC.

  • Axe Throwing

    It’s all the fun of flinging an axe at a target, just without the sharp edges, thanks to the boredom busting crew from High Caliber Karting and Entertainment.

  • Beetlejuice

    Say his name three times, and then watch out for the mischievous Michigan Beetlejuice as he creates chaos and mayhem all throughout the festival with his crazy antics. It’s SHOWTIME!

  • Robot Demonstration

    The student brainiacs making up the Waverly High Robotics Club will demonstrate what it takes to succeed in the FIRST Robotics Competition and teach attendees how to drive their giant mechanical monster.

  • DJ J. Jonah Jameson

    "Parker!!" JAMMIN' DJs spins your favorite spooky hits from the main stage and MCs all the non-stop entertainment including performances by guest musicians, dance troupes, theatre groups and special presenters.

  • Magic

    Master Illusionist Ty Lee, also known as The Urban Legend, will perform a variety of tricks and sleight-of-hand that will astound and amaze fans of all ages with close-up shows and a special appearance on our main stage.

  • Green Goblin

    From a scene right out of the blockbuster movie, see our favorite Wed-slinger battling his archenemy on his glider in a display high above our main stage. 

  • Jurassic Terror

    In a scene right out of a blockbuster movie, see the 20 foot tall T-Rex bearing down on an unsuspecting tour vehicle in this original display custom built by our staff. There's also an animatronic baby triceratops for kiddie photos.

  • Toyography

    Explore the exciting world of Toy Photography as award-winning video producer Kevin Epling from Smallscalepics takes the stage to teach the basics of photography, lighting, figure posing and miniature set construction.

  • Mega-Tetris

    The diabolical DIY-ers from Lansing Makers Network return with their wall-sized LED powered Mega-Tetris on their quest for total mind control.

  • Cosplay

    Many of the areas most talented cosplayers including the networking agents from Fan•Tom X will be showing off their creations and sharing their expertise.

  • Boxtumes

    Create your very own costume made out of boxes along with paint, construction paper, pipe cleaners and other materials with some help from the local moving experts from TWO MEN AND A TRUCK.

  • Venom Vehicle

    Check out the custom graphics on this one-of-a-kind car stationed at the entrance to our festival along with a video tribute to our favorite Marvel alien symbiote.

  • Hoops

    Talented performer and instructor Nat Spinz will be lighting up our main stage with her death defying Hoops of Horror! Afterwards, she'll share hula hoops with guests who'd like to give it a try and get a quick lesson on the basics of hooping.

  • Spiders

    They might not be radioactive, but you can get a creepy crawly experience with live tarantulas (and other animals) as Preuss Pets stops by with a special spider visit. (Saturday only)

  • Alien Research Facility

    Step carefully when you walk by the restricted area that is overrun with extraterrestrial eggs in an otherworldly spooky display. (Sunday only)

  • Girl Scouts

    Come join the fun as the The Girl Scouts Heart Of Michigan host an activity at their booth to promote their mission of helping girls grow in courage and character to be the best they can be.

  • Vendors*

    A unique line-up of Halloween-themed makers, crafters and inventors will be showing off their creative works including many local artists (such as Scream Prints) along with comics, collectibles and all kinds of crazy merch.

Attractions may change without notice. *Additional fees may apply.