• Spooky Fun For The Whole Family

    Spartan Newsroom | October 16, 2023

    Students from Michigan State University School of Journalism covered the ninth annual How-To Halloween hosted by Impression 5 Science Center and sponsored by Xfinity.

  • Zombies Take Over The Capital City

    WILX News 10 | October 7, 2023

    Zombie Bride leads the 13th annual Downtown Lansing Zombie Walk as the Z-Walk Founder Steven Ward gives an interview about the total donations the event has collected for the Greater Lansing Food Bank.

  • Zombies Invade Downtown Lansing

    WLNS TV6 News | October 23, 2022

    The apocalyptic takeover by the 12th annual Downtown Lansing Zombie Walk was the top story as zombies filled the streets to raise food for those in need. This comprehensive event profile by reporter Elena Cousino includes interviews with Z-Walk founder Steven Ward and Zombie Bride Emily Emerson-Rich.

  • Help Kids Get In the Halloween Spirit

    WILX News 10 | October 23, 2022

    A recap of How-To Halloween and the Downtown Lansing Zombie Walk with horde leaders Steven Ward and Emily Emerson-Rich in support of the Greater Lansing Food Bank.

  • Family-Friendly Celebration Supports Local Non-Profits

    WLNS TV6 News | October 23, 2022

    Media coverage during the 8th annual How-To Halloween including an interview with Festival Director Jerry Jodloski.

  • Counting Down the Days To Halloween

    City Pulse | October 20, 2022

    A preview of How-To Halloween and the Downtown Lansing Zombie Walk were detailed in this online story leading up to the event.

  • Table Talk with How-To Halloween

    Fox 47 News | October 19, 2022

    Event Manager Michelle Wier and Festival Director Jerry Jodloski visit the Fox 47 News Studio to talk about the upcoming How-To Halloween 2022.

  • Morning Blend with High Caliber Karting

    Fox 47 News | October 19, 2022

    Marketing & PR Manager Jacki Krumnow promotes the Boredom Busters from High Caliber Karting & Entertainment- presenting sponsor of How-To Halloween 2022.

  • Table Talk with Lansing Ghostbusters

    Fox 47 News | October 14, 2022

    Table Talk hits the road as Mikayla Temple from Fox 47 News talks with Ryan Holmes and Dan Holroyd from the Great Lakes Ghostbuster Coalition to learn about their group before their next stop at How-To Halloween.

  • H2H at Independence Day Parade

    Fox 47 News | July 4, 2022

    How-To Halloween teamed up with the Lansing & Owosso Ghostbusters for the annual parade which ended earlier than expected as reported by Yasmeen Ludy.

  • Zombie Walk In Lansing

    WILX News 10 | October 30, 2021

    The 11th annual Downtown Lansing Zombie Walk scares up donations for the Greater Lansing Food Bank during How-To Halloween 2021.

  • Halloween Events To Check Out

    Fox 47 News | October 29, 2021

    A preview of the 7th annual How-To Halloween was featured in this Things To Do segment produced by Tianna Jenkins.

  • Zombie Takeover

    WILX Studio 10 | October 27, 2021

    Reporter of all things spooky Nicole Buchmann returns with a preview of a special Devil's Night edition of the Downtown Lansing Zombie Walk 2021.

  • A Ghostly Night at Turner-Dodge

    WILX Studio 10 | October 22, 2021

    As a promotion for How-To Halloween 2021, we partnered with Lansing Parks & Recreation for an evening of spooky stories and ghost tours at the Turner-Dodge House & Heritage Center.

  • Over-The-Top Halloween Displays

    Stacker | October 21, 2021

    We are honored to be part of this online story which was picked up by many news outlets across the country and included our Invasion at Area 51 home display (6 of 14) along with a link to our festival.

  • Vehicles, Spacecraft and Robots

    HackSpace | December 10, 2020

    Our festival got some international exposure with our Ecto-1 build as part of a feature article by contributor Mayank Sharma in Issue #38 of HackSpace Magazine titled Remaking Movies: How DIYers recreate film props, costumes and memorabilia.

  • Another Great Time at How-To Halloween

    MIGeekScene.com | October 25, 2019

    Joe Hubbard from MI Geek Scene along with S. Spencer Photography posted this gallery from day-2 of the festival which celebrated the 10th Annual Downtown Lansing Zombie Walk.

  • In Photos: Lansing’s First Killer Car Show

    WKAR | October 21, 2019

    Alina Zhuravel highlights some of the radical rides and their owners who participated at the inaugural Killer Car Show which kicked off day-1 of How-To Halloween 2019.

  • Zombies Take Over Lansing

    WILX News 10 | October 20, 2019

    An interview with Zombie Hoard Master Steven Ward as he looks back on 10 years of the Downtown Lansing Zombie Walk.

  • The Man Behind The Mask

    WLNS TV 6 News | October 19, 2019

    Capital City celebrates spooky season as Dana Whyte files this story about the How-To Halloween 2019 headliner Lansing Batman who works to empower the community.

  • Killer Car Show Rolls In

    WILX News 10 | October 19, 2019

    Reporter Rachel Sweet gets the scoop on the 6th annual How-To Halloween and the first ever Killer Car Show.

  • Zombies To Invade The Capital City

    WLNS TV 6 News | October 17, 2019

    With a little help from Zombie Bride, Event Director Jerry Jodloski gives a creepy interview about everything happening over the How-To Halloween weekend.

  • Live with Zombie Bride

    WLNS TV 6 News | October 17, 2019

    Veronica Gabriel reports live from the Lansing Center with a spooky interview featuring the Zombie Bride Emily Emersen-Rich from the Downtown Lansing Zombie Walk.

  • The Undead Decade

    City Pulse | October 16, 2019

    Reporter Dennis Burck gets the inside story of the Downtown Lansing Zombie Walk which celebrates 10 years of ghouls and fundraising.

  • Halloween Is Just Around The Corner

    CADLcast | October 14, 2019

    Executive Director Scott Duimstra invites Jerry Jodloski from How-To Halloween on the first episode of the program from the Downtown Branch of the Capital Area District Libraries.

  • Coffee Break 6

    89.7 FM WLNZ - LCC Radio TV | October 14, 2019

    Another year and another great conversation on the air with Jack Robbins on the Lansing Community College radio morning show Coffee Break.

  • Morning Blend 3

    Fox 47 WSYM | October 4, 2019

    Deb Hart and Bob Hoffman ask the question “How do we Halloween?” in this segment with Event Director Jerry Jodloski leading up to the sixth annual festival.

  • Three “Thriller” Events

    CADLcast Extra | October 1, 2019

    Executive Director of Capital Area District Libraries Scott Duimstra interviews Event Director Jerry Jodloski about How-To Halloween, the Downtown Lansing Zombie Walk and the first ever Killer Car Show.

  • Coffee Break 5

    89.7 FM WLNZ - LCC Radio TV | October 12, 2018

    How-To Halloween/Downtown Lansing Zombie Walk organizer Jerry Jodloski chats with Jack Robbins on the Lansing Community College radio morning show Coffee Break.

  • Superhero Strength

    WILX News 10 | September 17, 2018

    Ann Emmerich files this report about How-To Halloween 2018 Headliner Capital City Wonder Woman as Katie Whittaker describes how she helps others feel powerful along with her origin story at our festival.

  • Super Segment

    CADLcast Extra | September 16, 2018

    Capital Area District Libraries sit down for a conversation with Katie Whittaker (Capital City Wonder Woman) and Shamus Smith (Lansing Batman) about their roles as superheroes, the upcoming How-To Halloween 2018 and The League of Enchantment.

  • Paranormal Now Network

    I Wanna Believe Radio- WKDS 89.9FM | June 19, 2018

    Danny Holroyd and Bob Penny from the Paranormal Now Network interview Event Director Jerry Jodloski about the history of How-To Halloween and learn more about the project builds and upcoming festival.

  • Happy Halloween Everyone!

    Read A Comic | November 7, 2017

    Randy Flick from Read A Comic (formerly Comics Community Podcast) captured another un-boo-lievably great highlight video about H2H 2017 which includes interviews with our exhibitors and vendors.

  • Event Helps Create Halloween Crafts

    WILX News 10 | October 28, 2017

    The fourth annual How-To Halloween got tons of media coverage as crews from News 10 descended on the Lansing Center and compiled this story by anchor Clayton Cummins.

  • Coffee Break 4

    89.7 FM WLNZ - LCC Radio TV | October 27, 2017

    Jack Robbins sits down with Event Director Jerry Jodloski to talk about How-To Halloween for the fourth straight year on the Lansing Community College radio morning show Coffee Break.

  • Scooby Doo Mystery Machine In Lansing

    Fox 47 News WSYM | October 26, 2017

    Just in time for Halloween, a new Scooby Doo Mystery Machine van has been spotted cruising the streets of Lansing to fight off all those witches and ghouls in this report by Joe Sam during the set-up for the festival.

  • Mystery Machine Brought Back To Life

    Lansing State Journal | October 16, 2017

    Car enthusiast Aaron Aikman and Jerry Jodloski from How-To Halloween showcase their newest collaboration, Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine in our second front page story by reporter Rachel Greco.

  • Dynamic Duo

    City Pulse | October 11, 2017

    Two friends collaborate to create a crown jewel exhibit for How-To Halloween as Eve Kucharski gets the skinny on the Mystery Machine build along with the other wicked rides scheduled to appear at the festival.

  • Year In Review 2

    MIGeekScene.com | August 22, 2017

    Nerdy journalist and Halloween fiend Joe Hubbard returned to H2H 2016 to document all the spooky sights and sounds, and then summed up the experience in his blog accompanied by another massive gallery posted on MI Geek Scene.

  • How-To Halloween Scares Up Crowd

    The Lookout - LCC Student Newspaper | October 26, 2016

    A&E Editor Hannah Anderson writes about all the attractions and activities at the event while talking to organizers and participants including Magician Ty Lee.

  • Take A Tour Of How-To Halloween

    Comics Community Podcast | October 16, 2016

    Phil, Randy and the whole crew from Comics Community Podcast put together this incredible highlight video of H2H 2016 featuring interviews with many of our artists, vendors and exhibitors.

  • Minions, Irish-Dancing Zombies Take Over Lansing Center

    Lansing State Journal | October 14, 2016

    Our festival was showcased in a huge spread on page 2 of the LSJ along with an online photo gallery.

  • Coffee Break 3

    89.7 FM WLNZ - LCC Radio TV | October 14, 2016

    The How-To Halloween guys sit down with Karen Love once again to promote the big show on the Lansing Community College station.

  • The Science Of Scare

    Current State 90.5 FM WKAR | October 12, 2016

    Mad scientist Steve Sneed and his son Zack visit with Mark Bashore to talk about their history of creating fun Halloween projects together and promoting the upcoming event.

  • Who You Gonna Call?

    Lansing State Journal | August 22, 2016

    Ace reporter Rachel Greco gets the scoop on the creation of the Ecto-1 replica from the Ghostbusters reboot movie built by gearhead Aaron Aikman and our own Jerry Jodloski in this front page story.

  • Year In Review

    MIGeekScene.com | January 13, 2016

    Nerd king Joe Hubbard writes a kind review of our sophomore effort in his blog which includes some nice shout-outs along with a huge photo gallery at MI Geek Scene.

  • DIY Halloween

    HalloweenMakeup.com | October 10, 2015

    A great blog by the insanely talented Dedd Fredd (who made a very special guest appearance at our event) also includes a look at the CreepynCuteShop gals.

  • How-To Halloween Year 2

    Lansing Public Media Center | October 3, 2015

    As a sponsor and contributor, the Lansing Public Media Center also produced an in-depth video which features interviews, fun facts and tons of footage from the festival.

  • Lansing Event Helps You DIY Halloween

    Current State 90.5 FM WKAR | October 2, 2015

    A nicely produced radio story by Scott Pohl goes behind-the-scenes of one of the build projects.

  • Tim Barron Morning Show

    Tim Barron's Radio Michigan | October 2, 2015

    Co-mad scientists Steve and Jerry sit down with Tim Barron on his new internet radio program to discuss the maker movement and upcoming event.

  • Coffee Break 2

    89.7 FM WLNZ - LCC Radio TV | October 1, 2015

    Steve and Jerry from Robot Pumpkin LLC talk with Jack Robbins on his morning show.

  • Parker In The Morning

    92.9 WLMI | October 1, 2015

    Our own Dr Frankenstein Steve Sneed and his evil genius son Zack talk with Parker In The Morning.

  • Boos And Booze

    Lansing State Journal | October 1, 2015

    Our first mention in the Lansing State Journal along side some other great autunm events in the article “10 Things To Do In Michigan In October.”

  • Morning Blend 2

    Fox 47 WSYM | September 29, 2015

    Your lovable co-mad scientists (along with Intergalactic Admiral Grop) wrap up another interview for the Lansing TV market.

  • Tim Barron Mornings 3

    WLMI 92.9 | October 10, 2014

    Our third visit with Tim Barron is worth a listen just to hear the difference between How-To Halloween and the upcoming bachelorette party for Meteorologist Emily Wahls from News Center 6.

  • Event Aims To Inspire Creativity

    WILX News 10 | October 10, 2014

    Susan Al Khoury spent quite some time with us as we prepped for our opening day in this news story as seen on TV-10.

  • Halloween Showcase

    City Pulse | October 10, 2014

    Reporter Krista Wilson caught up with us to get the lowdown on the new festival that was about to invade Downtown Lansing.

  • Coffee Break

    89.7 FM WLNZ - LCC Radio TV | October 8, 2014

    Karen Love gets the story behind our show from the studios at Lansing Community College.

  • Michigan Business Rap

    92.1 FM WQTX | October 8, 2014

    Michael Patrick Shiels and panel discuss some childhood memories of Halloween before looking at the business side of the event and the the great opportunity that LEPFA has provided as our partner.

  • Morning Blend

    Fox 47 WSYM | October 8, 2014

    We had a slight accident in our evil lab and were a little charred, but our ugly mugs still managed to make it for this promo spot.

  • Tim Barron Mornings 2

    WLMI 92.9 | October 6, 2014

    Tim has been a great friend and supporter of How-To Halloween, and we will thrilled to get a chance to talk with him again on his show.

  • Tim Barron Mornings

    WLMI 92.9 | October 1, 2014

    Our first of three stops in the studio with Tim Barron as we promote the inaugural festival and try to make sense of all this maker stuff.

  • Innovate And Infiltrate

    City Pulse | October 1, 2014

    The evil geniuses behind How-To Halloween Jerry and Steve are featured in an article as a special Halloween edition of the Lansing paper hits the newsstands.

  • How-To Halloween Preview

    Halloween Machine Magazine | September 1, 2014

    Our very first event coverage in a magazine by Hallow Harvest gives details about the inspiration behind some big plans for a new festival called How-To Halloween.